What We Do

Global Market Assessments

OWC provides companies with in-depth Market Assessments that identify, plan, and capture business across the Globe. Our proven process synthesizes over 60 data points and uses predictive data combined with deep analysis from our cadre of well-versed experts.

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Strategic Planning

OWC provides companies with detailed Strategic Planning for immersion into the Global Market. Having expertise from every region of the world and subject matter expertise on defense weapon systems and dual use items, OWC experts will work with your company to analyze and identify a clear path to success.

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OWC Offers several courses for our clients to assist in the understanding and execution of their Global strategy. These courses also provide Leadership and Foreign Policy modules taught by prior Senior Level Military Leaders and successful business owners.

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OWC provides consulting services to industry and government clientele to enhance and optimize the global sales process. Our experts will provide clients with step-by-step guidance on FMS, BPC and DCS and ensure all parties understand the U.S. laws, policy and regulations associated with these sales.

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